Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre Bursary


The Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre Bursary was established in 1987 to support regional women students, in particular mature female students pursuing their educational goals and having an interest or involvement in women’s issues. This bursary is still available to Lakehead University students. It will be:

“Awarded to a female student enrolled in any program, who has attended a high school in Northwestern Ontario, and who is studying and/or involved in feminist issues. Preference will be given to mature students, women with dependents, First Nations, Inuit and Metis women and women who identify as LGBTQ.”

If you are a student at LU and feel that you meet at least one or two of our broad list of criteria, we hope you will consider applying. This bursary exists to support your educational needs.


Our bursary fund is currently at a level that allows for disbursement, however, we need the fund to grow so that larger amounts can be awarded to students. When you are making a donation to the Women’s Centre, please consider designating the bursary fund. Donations can be sent directly to NOWC, or made through United Way and Canada Helps. Feminists of the Future will thank you!