We really need to validate the fact that so many survivors have come forward and have not been able to access justice or have not been believed. We need people to understand that they are not at fault, and if they did not get treated well when they disclosed violence, then that was inappropriate. That was wrong.

Gwen O’Reilly, Executive Director, Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre (TBNewswatch, April 12, 2024)

On April 10, 2024, Bill 173, co-sponsored by Ontario MPPs, Lisa Gretzky, Kristyn Wong-Tam, Jill Andrew, and Peggy Sattler, was unanimously supported at Queen’s Park. The Bill would enact the Intimate Partner Violence Epidemic Act, 2024 and require the Ontario Government to recognize that intimate partner violence is an epidemic in our province.

While this declaration was the first of 86 recommendations made by the jurors in the CKW Inquest in June 2022, the province is taking its time getting on board, despite the growing number of municipalities declaring IPV an epidemic.

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