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On May 8th, 1970, a courageous convoy of feminist advocates, activists and leaders travelled from Vancouver to Ottawa to protest the life-threatening policy that criminalized abortion. Stopping in towns across the country, meeting with women’s groups, church groups, and politicians, the #AbortionCaravan picked up more and more people to protest the prevailing abortion law. The slogan: Every child a wanted child. . . Every mother a willing mother.

We take inspiration from these activists who changed the course of history in the fight for safe + legal abortions. While abortion has since been decriminalized, there is a long road ahead to improve access.

Action Canada is doing the work to push governments to fund accurate access to information abortion, intervening in court to stop anti-choice activities, working with hospitals to provide abortions, and supporting the development of provincial and federal policies that remove unnecessary barriers to abortion.

As we continue to push for change, we celebrate historic gains like those made by the abortion caravan. Their legacy fuels the drive forward.

Did you know the Abortion Caravan visited Thunder Bay that year?

Check out local author and activist Joan Baril’s account here or below.

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights and the Women’s Legal Action and Education Fund (LEAF) have launched the Abortion Access Tracker. Though it’s been decriminalized in Canada since 1988, access to abortion varies widely. The Abortion Access Tracker illustrates the legal landscape of abortion in Canada and the reality of accessing abortion care across the country (Action Canada).

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