The Ontario Government has recognized the month of May as Sexual Violence Prevention Month. Here is an excerpt from the statement by Jill Dunlop, Associate Minister of Children and Women’s Issues, in May 2021:

May is Sexual Assault Prevention Month. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about the devasting impact of this crime, to better understand its deep cultural and historical roots, to support victims and survivors and to work together to stop the violence.

It’s also an opportunity to highlight the strength and resilience of survivors, and to recognize the accomplishments of the individuals and organizations that are working to raise awareness of sexual assault, support victims and prosecute offenders.

On April 18, 2024, NDP MPP Catherine Fife tabled Lydia’s Law as a private members bill intended to increase transparency and accountability regarding the handling of sexual assault cases in the criminal justice system in response to the growing number of cases that are never prosecuted. The bill was scheduled for debate on May 15th, but PCs sent the bill straight to committee without notice or discussion.

Watch these videos shared by MPP Catherine Fife to learn more about what happened on the 15th:

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