The Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre is a longtime member of the Thunder Bay and District Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse (TBDCCEWA). Together with Naadmaagewin Indigenous Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee, the TBDCCEWA will make a presentation to City Council in September urging them to declare intimate partner violence (IPV) and gender-based violence (GBV) an epidemic in Thunder Bay. Our Executive Director, Gwen O’Reilly, has been invited to speak with local media about the origin and purpose of this declaration.

from CBC Superior Morning (August 17, 2023):

According to statistics Canada, Thunder Bay’s [sic] has been among the highest per capita rates of Intimate Partner Violence and sexual assault of any municipality in Canada. Now local anti-violence groups are asking Thunder Bay City Council to declare gender-based violence an epidemic. Gwen O’Reilly is the executive director of the Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre, and joined us to tell us more.

Listen to the full interview:

Also see “Canada calls gender violence an epidemic after triple femicide inquest” in The Guardian (August 16, 2023):

from TBNewswatch (August 16, 2023):

Epidemic declaration needed to spur action, say anti-violence groups:

from 99.9 THE BAY (August 16, 2023):

Group to request Intimate Partner Violence be called an epidemic:

Map of Ontario municipalities that have declared IPV an epidemic (42 and counting):

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