In the midst of this terrible time, Signs wanted to reach out to a group of scholars to think through – with a feminist lens – the parameters of the pandemic and the social ills and inequities it has both revealed and amplified.

The resulting symposium, “Feminists Theorize COVID-19,” offers essays by leading feminist scholars Sari Altschuler and Priscilla Wald, Mel Y. Chen, Cynthia Enloe, Evelynn M. Hammonds, Cindy Patton, and Miriam Ticktin.

It is a clear testament to where feminism is now that all these essays range widely, locating this pandemic in a robustly intersectional feminist framework, where the various sites of oppression and inequality literally spill over into each other, and where borders (intellectual, political, embodied) are revealed as porous and contested. 

We hope it is a useful contribution to the growing dialogue about the relationship between the pandemic and persistent vectors of inequality. The symposium is free to access!


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