A statement from the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC):

Hockey Canada continues to face critical reaction to its management of sexual violence. The sports organization has seen numerous allegations of sexual assaults committed by Canadian hockey players. In recent months, Hockey Canada revealed that the organization has paid over $8 million in settlements to different sexual assault complainants since 1989, using a slush fund of membership fees.

As sexual violence survivor advocates, we at Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC) are shocked and dismayed by Hockey Canada’s response to sexual violence within its membership. 

We also believe that now is the time to invest in sexual violence survivors and prevention. With government funding frozen for Hockey Canada and many sponsorships withdrawing support, we believe this funding should be re-invested in existing solutions. Community-based sexual assault centres provide support to survivors through crisis intervention, counselling, advocacy and prevention education.  

Read the full statement and recommendations from the OCRCC: https://sexualassaultsupport.ca/hockey-canada-and-sexual-violence-ontario-coalition-of-rape-crisis-centres-ocrcc-responds/

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