The Ford Government clearly has not learned anything from the disaster that the privatization of health care services has had on Long Term Care.  The Government in its misguided wisdom has decided on immediately proceeding with the passage of Bill 175, (the Connecting People to Home and Community Care Act, 2020). 

In reading Bill 175 it appears that a door is being opened to allow more privatization of Home Care than what is already happening (much to Mike Harris’s delight since he runs a very lucrative Home Care business).

The government has hurriedly decided to hold Standing Committee hearings next week and I have secured a spot via Zoom for 2 pm this Monday.  

The Thunder Bay Community Elder Abuse Prevention Committee held a Forum in 2014 and we heard numerous accounts of serious issues experienced by citizens here in Thunder Bay.  I am sure that things have not improved but I would like to hear about more recent issues that people have encountered with Home Care since we held that Forum.

If you or someone you know has had issues with Home Care lately please email me or call me at 577-5946 so I can update the information that I currently have.

Thank you.

Jules Tupker  

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