from CLEO/Steps to Justice:

Ontario’s Ombudsman recently reported on the “excruciatingly long delays” and severe backlogs at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). This included taking up to 2 years to schedule some tenant applications.

In July, as a way to address this, the LTB began scheduling adjudicative case conferences.

It’s very important that tenants go to their case conference. If they do not, the adjudicator can cancel their application.

At an adjudicative case conference, an adjudicator can:

  • mediate to see if the tenant and landlord can reach an agreement
  • help the tenant and landlord prepare for a hearing
  • make a final decision if the landlord or their representative does not show up

Tenants get a notice if there’s going to be a case conference. For now, the LTB is having case conferences for only:

Learn more here: On the Radar, August 2023

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