From the Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Network:

The open support group is facilitated by two peer support volunteers with a lived experience of an elective abortion. We know that there isn’t a timeline of structure to when individuals are ready to reach out for support, so this group is always available for drop-in once individuals are given the access link.

To access these and other support services, individuals must complete PAIL Network’s Request for Support form. If you are referring an individual or family, please complete our Professionals Referral Form.

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day in Ontario. This was proclaimed in the provincial legislature as part of Bill 141: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, Research, and Care Act in 2015. Buildings, bridges, fountains, and other local monuments and parks are illuminated in purple to honour the memory of these babies and infants gone too soon. There is also a candlelight “Wave of Light” that occurs at 7PM local time in cities globally, making a wave of light continuous for 24 hours.
Many families affected by the loss of a pregnancy or the death of an infant participate in the International Wave of Light on this day.

In Thunder Bay, families will gather at the Boulevard Butterfly Garden to participate in a Wave of Light vigil from 7-8pm on Saturday, October 15th.

To learn more about the peer support and educational resources provided by PAIL Network to families and professionals in Ontario, visit their website:

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