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In February 2023, 1 femicide was reported in Ontario (and another femicide is unconfirmed).

Monthly Highlight excerpted from p. 3 of the February 2023 report:

On February 9th, 2023, the Chief Coroner for Ontario announced that an inquest will be held into the
death of Keira Kagan. The announcement comes as the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee
found that Keira was likely to have been killed by her father as a form of intimate partner violence
perpetrated against Keira’s mother and ultimately Keira (CBC News, 2023). Currently, Bill C-233 is in
the final stages of debate within the Senate and if passed would include amendments to the Judges Act
that would mandate training and continuing education on intimate partner violence and coercive control
for judges (Merali, 2022). This will be a welcome change that has the potential to enhance safety
outcomes for survivors by addressing stereotypes or preconceived notions among judges regarding
intimate-partner violence and coercive control. Multiple systems could benefit from enhanced training on
IPV and coercive control, as well as risk-assessment and safety planning, including lawyers,
medical/healthcare professionals, child welfare systems and educational systems. Ongoing training
could not only enhance capacity but may also facilitate enhanced system collaboration and
communication regarding risk and risk management, and ultimately prevent future femicides from

A number of prior femicide inquests have occurred in Ontario, with the most recent inquest taking place
in June 2022. OAITH has created the following tool to track and monitor ongoing and repeat inquest
recommendations: Inquest Recommendation Comparison Chart

Read the full February 2023 report.

In 2021-2022, OAITH tracked a total of 52 femicides within media reports.

Femicide is commonly defined as the intentional murder of women because they are women. OAITH’s femicide definition includes a gender-based killing of a woman, child, trans woman, 2-Spirited Person, or gender non-conforming individual where a man has been charged in relation to the death.

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