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Since November 26, 2021 there have been 40 femicides reported in Ontario. 

As today is Sisters in Spirit Day, we wanted to draw attention to the ongoing violence Indigenous women and girls continue to face in our province. In 2020-2021, Indigenous Women were overrepresented and accounted for 6.9% of femicide victims. This year, we are aware through media reporting that two femicide victims have been Indigenous women. Ruth Ann Longboat was killed in March and Savanna Pikuyak was killed in September, both by men known to them. We know many more Two-Spirited Peoples, Indigenous Women and Girls go missing every year. It is our hope that we can all remain committed and focused in investing our time to building relationships and learning from Indigenous Leaders and their communities on how to support the prevention of Two-Spirited Peoples, Women and Girls from going missing or being murdered. 

Femicide is commonly defined as the intentional murder of women because they are women. OAITH’s definition of femicide includes women (and at times their children) or girls who were killed by men who are either a former or current intimate partner, a family member, someone known to them, or in some cases unknown but still targeted. (Source: OAITH, 2021)

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